March 15 – COLA Panel

The 2017 MRTA Unit President Summit was a great success!  We have received many requests for a follow-up and summary of the COLA Panel section of the day.  This presentation featured three retired superintendents and MRTA Executive Director Jim Kreider summarized the COLA decision made by PSRS/PEERS.  The speakers presented some suggestions on making the system stronger and more responsive to retirees.   The presenters were kind enough to send their basic talking points and we have provided them below, along with a summary from MRTA President-Elect John Pohl.

MRTA Director Jim Kreider – Family Feud COLA Power Point 

John Pohl Summary

Tyler Laney – Notes

Dr. Terry Holder – Notes

Dr. Jim Sandfort – Notes

Articles by Dr. Jim Sandfort Regarding the COLA Decision
Of Beef and Boloney
It is Time to Say Thanks
Play Ball


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