MRTA Issues of Importance

2018 Legislative Platform

This document will be updated throughout the 2018 Legislative Session.

As of February 6, 2018

MRTA Issues of Importance

PRIORITY #1 – MRTA opposes SB 747 (Emery R-31).  This act provides that statewide elected officials and members of the General Assembly serving for the first time on or after January 1, 2019, shall participate in a 401(k) defined contribution plan instead of the current defined benefit plan (DB). Comment: This does not include educators at this time.  It is only one amendment away if this bill is not stopped. DB plans are a proven better use of tax dollars and provide for better retirement security.

PRIORITY #2 – MRTA supports full funding of the Foundation Formula and opposes the use of public tax dollars for private schools. The Missouri Constitution mandates adequate funding of K-12 education through HB 2 which requires education funding as the second priority of state expenditures.   Comment: Due to several tax cuts enacted by the legislature over the past few years general revenue is expected to be reduced significantly. MRTA asks funding for Public Education be the priority.

PRIORITY #3 – MRTA opposes HB 2247 (Roeber R-34) and SB 618 (Eigel R-23).   This legislation allows for the expansion of charter schools statewide.   Comment: Charter schools take scarce tax revenue from public education. Currently, charter schools are only allowed in Kansas City and St. Louis City. 

 PRIORITY #4 – MRTA opposes HB 2188 (Matthiesen R-70), SB 612 (Koenig R-13), and SB 565 (Emery R-31).  These acts establish the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program.  Comment: These are voucher schemes which create a new 100% tax credit allowing up to $50 million per year of state revenue to be used for private school tuition and other expenses for students.  This will result in up to $50 million less state revenue for public education per year.  These bills take scarce tax revenue away from public education.

 PRIORITY #5 – MRTA opposes HJR 55 (Shumake R-5). This is a proposed Constitutional Amendment that eliminates the prohibition of public funds for the use of any religious or sectarian educational purposeComment: This allows for public tax dollars to be used for private schools which will take unlimited tax revenue from public education. 

PRIORITY #6 – MRTA supports HB 2184 (Bondon R-56) and SB 586 (Curls D-9). These bills modify provisions relating to the Public school retirement system of Kansas City, MO.   The legislation sets the contribution rates of the employing school districts.  These bills are needed to strengthen the financial health of the system, protecting employee benefits. This legislation will allow for a better opportunity for retirees to be awarded cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs).

PRIORITY #7 – MRTA opposes SJR 30 (Koenig R-15). This Constitutional Amendment, if approved by voters, phases out the individual income tax and modifies the state sales tax law.  The state sales tax shall be imposed on sales and services.  This is very bad for retirees very dependent upon services which will be taxed.


10 thoughts on “MRTA Issues of Importance

  1. Currently live in MS which has a sales tax on services, ie labor; plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, installers, etc. BAD!!! High sales tax on groceries. Striving to get more charter schools, give money to private schools. Education here is in bad shape. Hard to figure why legislators are wanting more charter schools and providing public money to private schools. Perhaps it is the best way to eliminate public schools, which have been the salvation of America.

  2. i worked 32 years in St. Louis….and no COLA since 2008. I worked an additional 5 years in a district participating in the PSRS. I have been an MRTA member since fully retiring. Our sisters and brothers at the East and West ends of Missouri need our support. The politicians in St. Louis and Jefferson City have made sure that their nests are feathered and have literally destroyed St. Louis through design or benign neglect. Check out what it takes to receive a pension and the insurance perks for state legislators! ,,,,,,and this does not preclude any perks for “consulting”. I remember going to hearings as early as the 60’s for 50/50! , The easiest way for Missouri to meet funding goals is to LOWER the goals!

  3. I have read this carefully and am against the 401K plan. I am in favor of keeping the DC plan. I will be watching and listening to our state representatives and vote for those who feel as I do on this matter..

    • I hope you meant to say you’re in favor of keeping DB (Defined Benefit ) plan, That is the plan we have now. The DC plan is comparable to a 401K plan.

  4. This bill looks to me that the individual (Mr. Sinquefield) is trying to get access to the PSRS funds by making our program a “401k” program. Most “401k” programs are not as stable as the program the that Educators have for their retirement. If Mr. Sinquefeild were to look at the success of our program. The Missouri PSRS program is number 1 in the United States. I don’t think Mr. Sinquefield can match that with a “401k” program. Plus this is our program and the government has no reason to change our program or even get involved it our program. I don’t believe that what they are trying to do is steal from our funds. This the same thing that the federal government did when they took millions of dollars out of Social Security. The money that we are receiving is the money that we put into the program. I put 40 years working in Education and I see no reason to make changes now.

  5. I don’t believe that one ultra wealthy person from St. Louis should have any say about the teacher retirement program and structure of Missouri. He is set for his retirement so why should he have any influence on the teacher system. The fact is that teachers from most all districts couldn’t save enough from the salaries they earn to keep them through their retirement years. We need to closely watch all elected representatives regarding these serious issues. The great system we have in Missouri is one of the true recruitment tools for the schools of Missouri. Let’s all help teachers statewide to have a good retirement and not let Rex ruin it forever.

  6. Dear President Pro Tem Richard:
    I am a MIssouri retired educator and member of MRTA. I no longer live in the state but depend on my Missouri public pension. I hope as leader of the Senate that you will defend and promote our public pension system. Today you were delivered our 2018 MRTA Issues of Importance by members of MRTA. I ask you to review them and consider our positions.

    Thank you for your willingness to serve the state of Missouri. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions. I wish you the very best.

    Please support the teachers of Missouri no matter where they live now.

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