20 for 2020 – Your Pension is #8 on Rex’s List!

Your Pension is #8 on Rex’s List Are We Strong Enough?

The Show-Me Institute, a think tank funded by Rex Sinquefield, has listed PSRS/PEERS as #8 on its “20 for 2020 An Agenda for Missouri” report. This report lays out their plan to influence legislation in Missouri through 2020. The item regarding PSRS/PEERS reads,

“8. Move Missouri’s Public School Retirement System (PSRS) to a defined-contribution system.”

You may ask, “I already have a defined benefit plan why should I care?” First, this is bad for public education, it will not keep our best teachers in the classroom. More importantly, for you, it means no more contributions from new hires into the current PSRS/PEERS system. No contributions means the system will eventually run out of money. Where does that leave you? The first item to be cut would be 100% of the COLA we all depend on. We MUST fight this type of attack on Missouri pensions. We currently have over 26,000 MRTA members. Are we strong enough to fight Rex’s billions of dollars?

MRTA is a grassroots lobby organization. This means we are effective because we show up en masse at the Capitol on Legislative Day; and, we contact our legislators when an issue arises. We need you to respond to MRTA Calls to Action. We need you to write, call, and/or visit your legislators this year. We need each and every MRTA member to stay involved! We need each and every MRTA member to renew their MRTA membership and to ask someone to join MRTA today!

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12 thoughts on “20 for 2020 – Your Pension is #8 on Rex’s List!

    • If retirees are forced into battle we will ask those Missouri pension recipients who live out-of-state to write friends and family who still live in the state, the Speaker of the House, the Pro Tem of the Senate, and possibly the Governor, if need be.

  1. I support these along with my brothers and sisters. Tell me if there is anything I can do from my home. Cannot walk.

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