2016 Ballot Measures

The MRTA Board of Directors has vote to oppose Amendment 3 on the November 8 ballot. Click here for more on Amendment 3.

For a full list of the 2016 Ballot Measures click here. 

Please vote on November 8!



2 thoughts on “2016 Ballot Measures

  1. Am EXTREMELY disappointed that MRTA could NOT do anything to help with the COLA issue…..therefore, what is the POINT of being a member if the “lobbyists” have no leverage? I realize $35. is nothing, but WHY if nothing positive is going to happen for us retirees?
    Just recently renewed my dues, but this very well MAY be the last year unless something can be accomplished.

    • Shelly, we were the ONLY association working to get you a COLA. We completely understand your disappointment but not renewing your membership will only mean we have fewer members and as we have said repeatedly strength in numbers is important! If you wish to talk about this further please email mrtadirectorkreider@mrta.org

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