Another great conference for MRTA.  Sue Groves, Jim Kreider and myself spent a busy day talking to many attendees.  It was certainly a different group with different levels of understanding about MRTA.  We informed them of who we were and what we do.  Jim even presented a workshop on Retirement and picked up 2 PEERS , 3 total memberships.  It was amazing as most did not have a clue that the teachers and school personnel were part of the same retirement system.  Some had spouses that were teachers and they had more awareness about what we did.  Some had been teachers and then retired and started doing maintenance or head custodian jobs.  I feel  we did a valuable service in spreading the word that will only grow in understanding of MRTA.  One thing I suggested to Jim is maybe on all brochures and mailing information that we always make sure Missouri Retired Teachers Association and Public School Personnel letter be the same size.  Some had the Public School Personnel in smaller letters but on letterhead, it is the same.  Just a thought.  We handed out many bags of information and picked up a total of 4 associate memberships.  I for one must always make sure I connect MRTA and School Personnel when visiting with attendees.  I used the WHY SHOULD PEERS RETIREES JOIN MRTA sheet that was on the packet of Jim’s End of Session Report he handed out.  It is great to take to your buildings when visiting and taking cookies. If you need copies just let the office know.  This conference raised my awareness of an area we need to focus on when presenting.  A special thanks to Jim and Sue for helping out.

Betty Beal
MRTA Retirement Education Committee Chair


A note from Jim Kreider:

In my breakout session, I asked who belonged to MSTA or MNEA. ONLY ONE OUT OF 30 belonged!!!! We could sure serve active PEERS especially with liability insurance.  How do we get to the active PEERS employees is the question. Maybe if we would leave the attached and MRTA benefits brochure where PEERS folks hand out at the school. Or see the Department Head of Maintenance/(Plant Manager). There is real opportunity. They had no idea of MRTA and little about their system and the threats to it. THANK YOU!!


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