A New Tactic from the Show-Me Institute

The Show-Me Institute – if the name alone brings to mind a scary thought, it’s for a reason. Missouri’s resident billionaire, Rex Sinquefield, funds this think tank. Sinquefield’s admitted two main areas of interest are rolling back the income tax and education reform. He spends millions of dollars each year to back political candidates that will pass his agenda as well as millions on these think tank groups that help influence legislation.

Your pension is #8 on Rex’s “hit-list” – “20 for 2020“ The Show-Me Institute has put out a plan to introduce policy regarding education and pension reform, changing teacher retirement to a 401(k) system. We must work together to prevent billionaires and bullies from influencing our legislators! To see the full document click here.

A new Tactic – The Show-Me Institute is now holding meetings about “The Looming Pension Crisis” in MO. They are working harder than ever to destroy our pension system. They currently have upcoming dates in St. Louis and in Columbia. Do not believe the misinformation!


22 thoughts on “A New Tactic from the Show-Me Institute

  1. The- Show-Me Institute’s narrow thinking, that school teacher’s pensions are a threat to the economy of Missouri is way off mark! I appreciate very much that we have a voice out there (MRTA) standing up for teachers that contribute to our society more then most, for the least amount of debt. Forgot …the Missouri government doesn’t contribute to our pension fund after retirement!

    • Thanks for keeping us aware. What is the problem of our retirement in the Congress’ mind. It’s not like they don’t have their own. Matter of fact I paid into FICA money I won’t even see. They need to be treading lightly instead of pushing.

  2. We have belonged to MRTA sincey retirement. It is a strong advocate for retired Missouri educators and our pension system. Jim and his crew are powerful lobbyists for us with the Missouri legislature. I urge ALL Missouri retired teachers and staff personnel to join this outstanding organization. It it money well spent. You will be glad you joined. Charlie

  3. It’s really disturbing to know that every day Rex S is fighting teeth/nail to stonewall the public education system in this State.

    Families have a choices, always have on what educational system they want their children to attend. The under served pay taxes too, however Rex S
    feels we are getting something that we do not deserve.
    He needs to become the invisible man and live and work as Educators and their families.
    Hatred should be his name because he has yet to connect with the people who are doing what they should for our students.
    Working 30/40 years to retire with a living income and healthcare, Rex wants to take that away.

  4. What is his real agenda? Does he just dislike public employees. Does he want Missouri to have less competitive salaries for education and public safety personnel. “Advancing liberty with responsibility” is his motto. Define liberty and responsibility, Rex!

  5. In the summer of 2016, I was half listening to an ad for a primary candidate for statewide office, when I noticed at the end that it said it was sponsored by Club for Growth. That brought me up short, as I knew that was one of Rex’s PACs. I began paying more attention to the ads and looking up the sponsoring organization. Rex had a complete slate of candidates for whom he was the main, if not the sole, backer. Since that time, it has become even harder to trace the money behind these PACs. I found one whose only connection to Rex was that the treasurer had formerly been treasurer of one of the PACs I knew he funded. Lobbyists are not nearly the problem these dark money-funded PACs are in our state.

  6. Why is his agenda to change the system…what dog does he have in this fight…except a damn bully…. this does not affect the economy. Does he just want a money grab???….thanks to all for protecting the current effective retirement all have worked for in their carerrs AND EARNED.

  7. MRTA is the best bargain – Jim & his crew keep us all informed. Right now there is HB 864 that wants to give teachers an option to invest in a 401(K). Could be devastating to our present retirement. Write your Legislators to make a commitment to oppose the bill if comes to the House floor. However we want to “kill the bill” before it gets that far.

  8. Please oppose HB 864. Several years ago I was choose by MSTA to testify in Jefferson City before a congressional committee on another bill regarding teacher’s pay. I understand then and now how a bill such as HB 864 could have an impact on teacher’s. We already have a shortage of teachers in some fields such as math and science. This discourages teacher’s from staying in public education. Please vote no on bill HB864.

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