A Pension Nightmare in Kentucky

During the 2018 Kentucky Legislative Session, lawmakers pulled a “bait and switch” on educators. SB 1 was introduced as a pension bill that would have reduced benefits for educators. Shockingly, elements of SB 1 were combined into another bill, SB 151 which was initially regarding wastewater services. The Kentucky Education Association (K

EA) reported that due to the switch they were not allowed to testify and the bill had not had an actuarial review. KEA also reported that lawmakers were not able to read the entire 291-page bill before they voted for its passage. KEA members felt the legislature had blindsided taxpayers and passed the bill without due process. To read more about the issue in Kentucky click here.

Why are we reporting this information to you? This is meant as a cautionary tale. MRTA is here to prevent these kinds of attacks. We are here to watch for these kinds of maneuvers and to “rally the troops” if something similar arises here in Missouri. If we have said it once we have said it a thousand times, “THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!” We need YOU! Please renew your MRTA dues today!

The Silver Lining – “The Year of the Teacher”
In addition to changing pensions for educators, Kentucky lawmakers also passed a law allowing charter schools and for several years in a row did not budget money for schools equating again in no teacher raises. It is clear that educators in Kentucky are fed up. The mid-term 138 seats in the General Assembly and 51 of them are being contested by active teachers, retired teachers, and school board members who have had enough. This unprecedented wave of education-minded candidates has many calling this election year, “The Year of the Teacher.” How inspiring, but at what a cost!

Help MRTA now by renewing for 2019! Missouri Legislative Session begins on January 9th. We need YOU!

7 thoughts on “A Pension Nightmare in Kentucky

  1. I thank everyone that works for MRTA for protecting my pension and always keeping an eye on it! My membership has been renewed for the next 3 years! I really like that option!

    Thank you again and God bless!

  2. Thank you, MRTA, for watching out for my/our pensions! Without your attention to those details, who knows what would happen to it. I have been faithful to email my legislators whenever you have called to action. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you for keeping our pensions safe. There is so much to deal with in this life that knowing that our retirement is being safeguarded means a lot. Keep up the good work by not letting our legislature sneak in things like they did in Kentucky.

  4. Jim, we absolutely could NOT do what YOU do for us. Most of us are NOT political, although SOME of us ARE becoming more so!! Thank you for helping us “navigate” the halls of the Legislature and keep US from becoming another statistic!

  5. I appreciate ALL you do at MRTA and am thankful for you watching over our pensions so closely. 50 yrs ago, my father-in-law encouraged me to become a teacher because it was a great profession, and he felt that the pension, through the years, would sustain me. He was absolutely right! I am grateful each day for his advice, and grateful each day for what you do for all MO teachers and PEERs. Thank You!

  6. I encourage every teacher, active and retired, to remember that MRTA is our watchdog for our retirement. Please keep our legislators aware of the “fails” occurring around the country! I hope we have retirees attending and protesting at Mr. Sinquefield’s upcoming functions. We HAVE to stop his attempts to turn retirement into a 401K!!

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