3 thoughts on “Call to Action – The Senate Needs to Hear from You Today!

  1. Please reconsider your choice to not give retired teachers a cost of living adjustment. We have worked hard and contributed into the pension plan with the expectation that we will be getting a cost of living adjustment. As the cost of living goes up, we need more money to meet these increases. We have not had any problems with the PSRS/Peers being able to increase salaries until now. I’m sure you receive an adjustment.

  2. Please reconsider and give the retired teachers a COLA. Teachers have given their time and money for the children of Missouri and should be taken care of in their twilight years.

  3. Unfortunately, the rules for retirement change and teachers can get Social Security if they have access . First, any payment for work outside of the classroom includes payment to the government, qualifies for Social Security. The greatness of the income from Social Security is recognized for those who paid into Social Security. A pension from teaching does not include Social Security from a spouse. However, sometimes it is necessary to clarify your own access to Social Security when you reach 65, and if your spouse is entitled to more, upon his death, you can quality to receive his.

    Unfortunately, this problem has occurred for 25 or more years. Your congressman in the US Senate will clarify the rules. The quote from my court appearance was, ” We don’t discriminate against widows.”

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