MRTA Day at the Capitol – A Total Success!

President Sandy Applegate

MRTA President Sandy Applegate, a former math teacher, posed a question to attendees at MRTA Day at the Capitol, “I was told it takes an average of eleven seconds to go through the security checks entering the Capitol. If you have 1,200 MRTA members and it takes each of them eleven seconds to go through security, how long will it take to get them all into the Capitol?” Stay tuned for the answer later in our article. As you know, MRTA Legislative Day was cancelled due to new security measures in place at the Capitol. MRTA started planning our 2017 Legislative Day in February 2016, we did not know then that new security measures would be in place. We planned on 15 buses and 1,200 attendees from all corners of the state for a 10:30 rally. When those security measures were put in place in January, we were left with no choice but to cancel. If you are waiting on the answer to President Applegate’s question it would have taken 3.67 hours to get everyone through security. This does not include all the other people entering the Capitol for other reasons and events. It was just logistically impossible.

MRTA members would not take no as an answer; however, due to popular demand we restructured the event. MRTA Capitol Blitz Day and MRTA Day at the Capitol were born! MRTA Capitol Blitz day was planned for those who could not attend our event at the Capitol. Members emailed, called, and wrote their legislators about the issues important to them and to MRTA. MRTA Day at the Capitol was a scaled down version of MRTA Legislative Day. We hoped for 200 attendees, we got over 400! It was a huge success! Senator Scott Sifton, Senator Gina Walsh, and Representative Steve Cookson addressed the crowd and promised they would work to protect retiree pensions and public education. MRTA members left enthused and legislators left better educated on the issues.

“Showing up” in numbers is the reason for the success of MRTA. We sincerely thank each and every one of you who took the time to participate in these events. There is strength in numbers!

Over 400 Attended MRTA Day at the Capitol. The world is run by those who show up!

12 thoughts on “MRTA Day at the Capitol – A Total Success!

  1. For future lobby days, let’s stagger the buses: some in the morning, some in the afternoon, and on different days of the week. We won’t all be together, but we could do 500 per day, I bet!

  2. I am so very proud of this group and the showing you made. WAY TO GO, you all. I think it is a great idea to stagger the times, and perhaps days so everyone can go. That would get their attention, I would think, for sure.
    Proud of you all.

  3. if we had 4 days in a week, or every Wed. for a month or something…Try to get different areas together on a day, not all St. Louis on one day for instance.

  4. It was my first time to ever be in attendance as the new Unit President of the Carthage Retired Teacher’s Association. I was informed of things by fellow attendees and the program.
    Thank you MRTA for working to find a way so that our legislators know that we at MRTA are not sitting in rocking chairs, “rockin our lives away!”

  5. Why do MRTA members not storm the capitol and PSRS board members regarding our Cost of Living Increases. No way was the original legislation written so the Board of Trustees would give us no increase unless the Cost of Living was 2% or greater; and certainly no way that we would receive only 2% if Cost of Living was 2 – 5%. We are being cheated. Does MRTA not have any legislative power? Why are retirees the only ones harmed by PSRS and the Board? It’s time to stand up all 50,000+ of us.

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