MRTA Legislative/Capitol Blitz Day Plans

MRTA Legislative Day – February 12

Where: First Floor Rotunda, Missouri State Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO

When: 10:30 a.m., Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Who: MRTA members are encouraged to attend. Please plan a meeting with your Senator and Represenative.

How: Please RSVP no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, February 8 so we can plan for the proper amount of materials. RSVP to MRTA 1-877-366-6782 or email us at

Travel: Carpooling is strongly recommended. MRTA will reimburse for mileage at 27.5 cents per mile for a vehicle carrying 3 or more members.

MRTA Blitz Day- February 12

February 12th is also MRTA Capitol Blitz Day! We are asking every member of MRTA who cannot attend Legislative Day to write, e-mail, or call their State Representative and State Senator on Tuesday, February 12th.

Every MRTA member is asked to respond to this “CALL TO ACTION” on February 12th. We will show our STRENGTH IN NUMBERS through their emails and phone lines. We ask you to do this in correspondence with MRTA Legislative day so we can have the biggest impact. MRTA wants to keep the bad bills out of committee so it is important to do this NOW before they “grow legs.”

Elected official contact information and information on issues of importance with suggested language will be sent out via e-mail in the days before the event. We are asking everyone to SPREAD THE WORD to fellow retirees. Please call the MRTA office at 1-877-366-6782 to add your e-mail address if we do not have it.

4 thoughts on “MRTA Legislative/Capitol Blitz Day Plans

  1. When will the Silver Dollar City discount code be updated? I have tried to get tickets but it says the code is not valid
    Thank you
    Jeany McGowen

    • It will be the same code and Silver Dollar City will make it active again “at the end of February” I cannot say specifically when yet.

  2. I just joined this organization and am retired in Savannah, Georgia. I keep in touch with fellow teachers at SSD. Just found out that Jered Taylor R has sponsored HB 864 that was introduced and read on February 7th that would take down our pension system. I called his office and sent an e mail. Is this a serious threat? Seems that Republicans are anxious to dismantle our system. Linda A. McQuiggan

  3. I need a mileage form for Legislative Day. I looked for one but nothing came up but the advice to send one in. Is there somewhere else I didn’t look?

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