MRTA Legislative Day – Hands Off

2019 Legislative – Blitz Day
February 12

“Keep the outsiders’ hands off our money!”

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The 2019 Legislative Session began on January 9th. With the election of 2018 and Missouri term limits, there will be a completely new General Assembly for 2019 to deal with. There will be 70 brand new members of the House of Representatives out of 163, a brand new Chairperson of the House Pensions Committee, a brand new Speaker of the House. What will their agenda be?? Unknown!

There will be 10 new Senators out of 36, a brand new Chairperson of the Pensions Committee, and a brand new President Pro Tem of the Senate. What will their agenda be? Unknown!

We now have a brand new Governor. Governor Parson has vast Legislative experience and has spoken very positively about MRTA and education retirees. This is very much appreciated and encouraging to MRTA. What his agenda and priorities are is unknown.

Billionaire Rex Sinquefield donated ONE MILLION DOLLARS to a PAC supporting Parson for Governor in 2020. The question is: How much was also donated to House and Senate leaders? What will the effect if any be?
The Show Me Institute, who is funded by St. Louis billionaire Rex Sinquefield, is having symposiums around the state promoting DC plans and demeaning DB plans such as ours. PSRS-PEERS is in their top 10 issues to address by 2020 They want to put educators into a DC plan that would eventually destroy and bankrupt our system.

As our MRTA Legislative Chairwoman, Linda Greeson, has written, even though we are retired from education – we are never retired from educating when it comes to the Legislature.

We need you! Please plan to attend MRTA Legislative Day or to participate in MRTA Blitz Day!

Do you know who your Legislator is?

Please find your Legislators and their contact information now and save it for the 2019 Legislative Session. Have it ready for MRTA Calls to Action. If you plan on attending Legislative Day please make an appointment with your Legislators. Click here to find your legislator. 

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  1. The $1 million dollar donation does bother me as I wonder what the quid pro quo will be for that and I hope it does not concern our retiretirement.

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