PSRS/PEERS Board Signature Petition Update

MRTA’s petition gathered 21,299 Updated signatures!

UPDATED February 23, 2017

MRTA President Sandy Applegate and MRTA Director Kreider delivered our COLA petition which gathered 21,299 signatures to Governor EricGreitens.  The petition asks the Governor to make new appointments to the PSRS/PEERS Board of Trustees a priority and requests he consider MRTA’s input when appointments are made.

Click here to see letter to Governor Greitens.


October 5, 2016

In response to the June 14, 2016 PSRS/PEERS Board of Trustees decision to change the COLA policy, MRTA initiated a signature petition to ask Governor Nixon to make appointments to vacant and expired seats on the PSRS/PEERS Board of Trustees.

MRTA has been successful in gathering over 21,299 signatures!  These signatures were presented to both candidates for Governor in hopes that the next Governor will make new appointments a priority when he takes office.

7 thoughts on “PSRS/PEERS Board Signature Petition Update

  1. I support your efforts. MRTA needs to pull out all stops and fight to change what has happened to retired teachers’ retirement! Not to recieve a COLA for 5 years is a slap in the face to teachers who have taught children and then to be told if might be forever is unbelievable. I will sign any document that MRTA wants to change this injustice!!
    Sandra Steck

  2. All retirees that are able need to attend PSRS board meetings! It is unbelievable that MRTA states it represents 25000+ retirees yet PSRS executives and board keep us from receiving promised COLAs. What good are MRTA, MSTA, MNEA if they cannot do the simplest of things and fight for our promised benefits with PSRS executives and board? It seems really nonsensical that the PSRS executives and board set an arbitrary threshold for promised cost of living increases and thereby cheat thousands of retirees because the CPI is less than 2%. The right way to handle COLAs is for retirees to receive a benefit increase equal to the CPI- regardless of the arbitrary 2% threshold. If the CPI is 1%, retirees deserve and MRTA should demand a benefit increase of 1%. We are tired of being stiffed by uncaring PSRS executives and board. I guarantee that the overpaid PSRS executives did not and will not go without raises and the board and executives did not cut back on their travel and conference expenses. MRTA its time for you to mobilize your thousands of members to obtain our needed and promised cost of living increases! Its time for you to demand changes at PSRS.

  3. I support your efforts on the fairness owed Missouri Teaches. We taught for a low pay because we love children, we paid in for our own retirement, and are still denied our husbands, nonteaching, social security upon their death. How thankless can the state of Missouri be to their retired teachers.

    • What can we do about the WEP problem. I will have to move from my home if my husband passes before me. For me, and I’m sure many others, we need help getting this unfair and ridiculous law off the books. Unfair to many other public servants also. Please help me
      Find out how to take action on this. Sincerely. Lynn A. Shortland

  4. I support what Dr. Boudinot and Ms. Steck have stated that we MRTA members deserve a rise in our COLA!
    We demand changes at PSRS as they did not cut back on their travel, expenses, and getting an increase in their salary! We deserve an increase in our cost of living.
    Thanks for listening and acting on our requests!

  5. Why do we not know salaries of the PSRS executives plus their benefits, raises, travel expenses, vacation, etc.?
    I have taught for 46 years because I withdrew some of my retirement to go to graduate school. Steve Yochum fought with me over 1/10 of a school year’s retirement credit when I had taught 6 whole years!!!!
    Unbelievable!!! I settled for 5.9 years of credit because he wore me down–even though I had earned the 6 years!!!
    Still working!!!

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