We Will Win This War! We Will Not Ever Give Up!

We Will Win This War. We Will Not Ever Give Up!

I was asked, “Why do we fight? There is no way we can beat the billionaires and extremist politicians.” I say, “It is all about the future. It is all about the young. This is why we became educators. This is why we will win this war.”

It seems every year we have to fight for what we have earned in our careers as jimeducators. It seems overwhelming when not one, but two or three billionaires who have political agendas keep targeting us as public pensioners, and public education as a whole. We are tired of the fight. We ask ourselves, “How can we win?” We will win and here is why.

We will never give up on public education, educators, and Missouri children. We will not give up on protecting our earned retirement benefits. We will not give up because many of our children and grandchildren are pursuing a public education to make their lives better and our nation better. We will not give up because many of our children and people we love are now working hard every day to be the best educators possible. We will not give up because we know that our world-class pension benefits attract and retain the world’s best teachers in Missouri classrooms. This is a prolonged battle that we will eventually win.

By ”SHOWING UP” through your MRTA membership and your hard work, the tide will change. Over the past 10 years, we have already celebrated many victories in protecting our pensions and public education. Had we not done so, where would we be today? We already have a reputation of “SHOWING UP” and being effective in the Legislature. We are battle hardened. Our work and our fight continues.

We will win because Millennials are already realizing that a retirement plan and retirement security through a defined benefit plan is a necessity. The defined benefit plan is making a comeback after the super wealthy and political extremists’ pushed for the defined contribution plan, 401(k), which now has been labeled “A Failed Experiment.” Baby Boomers are tired of working only because they do not have enough savings to live a decent life in retirement. Voters and taxpayers will, once again, see the importance of public education to America, to the middle class, to our children and our grandchildren. IF WE WORK AND HOLD THE LINE we will see a new voter who will, once again, vote in favor of these basic American values. We will win! I truly believe this!

NEVER GIVE UP MRTA! Your work is the future.

Jim Kreider
MRTA Executive Director

P.S. Be assured! We will not give up on restoring the COLA for all public education retirees!

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2 thoughts on “We Will Win This War! We Will Not Ever Give Up!

  1. Thank you for organizing & leading the continued fight to preserve our retirement system. Most appreciated.
    Very disappointed about the COLA situation. Let us know if we can help in that dilemma in any way.
    the fergusons
    ron & deb

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