Worst Case Scenario – No COLA for 30 Years

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There has been some confusion. TO CLARIFY: The PSRS/PEERS Board vote on June 14th approving Option 3.  MRTA recommended Option 2 by clicking here.  Option 3 results in a 0% COLA when the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is 0% to 2%. This is an actuarial vote, meaning it is a 30 year policy to be reviewed every five years.  This is NOT a one year reduction of COLA, you will likely not receive a COLA for at least the next five years under this policy. This could be devastating to retirees over time.

Report on COLA options and events leading up to the June 14 vote of the PSRS/PEERS Board of Trustees.

Worst Case Scenario
This is an example of how devastating it would be to not receive a COLA for 30 years.  This is just an example!


10 thoughts on “Worst Case Scenario – No COLA for 30 Years

  1. The retired teachers need representation on the Board. It is only fair. I understand financial pressures, but the solutions need to be fair to all.

      • Is this Wayne Wheeler a retired teacher? If not, then he will not be invested in the importance of the COLA in a realistic, meaningful way. We need at LEAST 1 retired teacher on this board. Why would we settle for anything else?

  2. Tell me how can a board member vote for such a bill. Isn’t he to represent us and what we want? Take his ### and stuff in a old tree and forget about him. I do not care if he see my note. I am tired of being treated like an uneducated person. Why do they all think like this?

  3. This is an area of concern but a larger concern for many of us and a larger amount of money is the issue that we are not allowed to collect full social security which we have earned nor our spouses. What can we do about this? I had heard several years ago that we are only one of 15 states that does not allow this. Is this still correct?

  4. I read the report that PSRS sent out. They mention interest rates being low. True, but right now the Dow is at record heights. Why focus on interest rates only. I hope the board is smart enough to diversify our portfolio. Also, why aren’t retirees represented on the board. This worries me. It sounds like they are trying to build up the fund at the retirees’ expense. What if we have 3 years of 1.9% inflation–I don’t trust them to compensate us for inflation–even over a period of time.

  5. WIDOWS NEED HELP NOW! Kent Conrad and James Lockhart….think that Soc Security should be MORE FAIR to Widowed Women! Conrad thinks widowed women should GET THEIR OWN BENEFITS and 3/4 of their DECEASED SPOUSE’S BENEFITS! This model for Soc Sec would keep Widowed Women OUT OF POVERTY!!! REPEAL: WEP & GPO for Widowed Women WHO TEACH IN MISSOURI! Tell Congressmen to PASS: HR 973 & S 1651. OR….Time To Correct the MATH FOR WEP….per Kevin Brady’s HR 711.

  6. Great read! i do agree with Pam that the retired teachers need representation on the Board. It is only fair. I understand financial pressures, but the solutions need to be fair to all. By the way, Does anyone know if my company might find a blank IRS W-2 form to complete ?

  7. T0 receive nothing from your spouse is wrong…we paid taxes on both not on just teachers’s part..sooo why should we not receive SOMETHING from the spouse’s social sec.true Widows are hurting. especially if they taught in rural areas and did not get the “big” monies that the city teachers received.I should know, I am ONE who receives Nothing from my spouse.

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