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Dear MRTA:  
Many of you have contacted us regarding a statement from Rex Sinquefield and his organization Teach Great.  Their official statement claimed they will not promote the passage of Amendment 3.  Then there were also news reports yesterday that Sinquefield has donated money to another organization, Grow Missouri, to pay for items including ballot initiatives.  See below for those statements and our response.  Please feel free to forward this email! 

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 10th THEY (Sinquefield and Teach Great) SAID...

Teach Great Will Not Move Forward With Amendment 3 

JEFFERSON CITY * The Rex Sinquefield-backed group behind an initiative to weaken tenure and tie teacher evaluations to student performance will no longer be campaigning for the November ballot measure.  However, constitutional amendment 3 will remain on the ballot. "It has become clear that now is not the time to further pursue the Teach Great initiative," spokeswoman Kate Casas said, adding that they still believe in the measure "wholeheartedly."  Sinquefield has funneled at least $1.6 million into Teach Great's political action committee.  (Click here for full statement.) 

BUT!!! SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 14th THEY (Sinquefield and Grow Missouri) SAID...

"However, Aaron Willard, the group's treasurer, said the $2.5 million will be spent on a variety of causes and campaigns this fall, including ballot initiatives and individual candidates."  (Click here for full statement.) 

WE SAY: MRTA and Protect Our Local Schools Statement:

"Amendment 3 remains on the ballot, and if passed, will implement a one-size-fits-all approach to education in Missouri," said Mike Sherman, spokesman for the Protect Our Local Schools campaign. "Our coalition of teachers, parents, school boards, principals and superintendents are happy to see that proponents of this amendment now agree that this is the wrong approach to education, and there is no denying that this will take local control away from every school district in the state. However, none of this changes the fact that this amendment is still on the ballot and will implement more costly, state-mandated standardized tests if passed. We urge all Missourians to vote NO on Amendment 3."

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