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Latest News

Dear Members of MRTA:

The Senate has adjourned for the week ending Thursday, May 3, 2012.  NO ACTION WAS TAKEN ON SCS/SB/842 -PSRS/PEERS Board of Trustee Takeover, SS/SCS/SB/806 - Teacher Tenure OR HCS/HB - 1740 - Vouchers, Teacher Tenure, Charter School Expansion, etc.

It is essential that MRTA members stay tuned as HCS/HB - 1526 (dealing with school personnel and tenure) was narrowly passed by the House and is now headed to the Senate.  This bill could very easily become the vehicle for the issues listed above.  The defeat of SCS/SB - 842 is our #1 priority because the retiree is the #1 priority at MRTA!  

Thank you for your hard work in contacting your Senators.  So far, so good.  Please stay tuned. 

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Jim Kreider 
MRTA Executive Director

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